Natural Bridge Caverns Adventure

If you are in the mood for an exciting adventure, make a trip to Natural Bridge Caverns, undisputedly one of the state’s most treasured attractions.  Only about a half hour’s drive from Stone Creek RV Park, it is well worth the trip. As you enter this underground wonderland, you’ll be entranced and amazed by the beautiful limestone formations hidden within this network of caves.

The attraction offers you a choice of several different tours. Most popular is the Discovery Tour, in which a guide will lead you through a half mile of spectacular, unforgettable sights. The Hidden Passages Tour involves rare and delicate formations, as well as the use of light and darkness to enhance your adventure. Perhaps most romantic of all is the Lantern Tour, where you will walk along winding passages lit only by the glow of the lantern you are carrying. Those who desire a hands-on experience can even pan for gems and minerals.

Truly, this is one attraction you won’t want to miss. Visit our website and book your spot today.


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